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Hector Fiore, flutist and composer graduated in Argentina and Europe. In 1982 he obtained a Diploma in Composition of the UNLP. For 15 years, 1986-2001 resided permanently in Europe. Conducted post-graduate studies at the Jagiellonian University and the Academy of Music in Krakow, where he earned the title of Master of Arts. He has done advanced studies in Europe and America with Luigi Nono, Dieter Schnabel, Jean Claude Risset, Boguslaw Schaeffer, Richard Boulanger, Luc Ferrari, Arne Norheim, Felix Rengli, among others. He received a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and Art and the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of Poland from 1986 to 1989 and the Organization of American Contemporary Music Courses in 1986. He won the Composition Competition of the FBA, UNLP in 1982. [1] 8teto encomiendas.jpg

As a composer and performer uses electronic technology, integrating image, movement and sound, in projects which plays flute, computers and other live instruments. Of all the works that are currently listed in his catalog, more than 80% have already been released in concerts in Europe, America and Asia. As a performer has performed compositions themselves and others in over 300 performances at festivals, theaters, concert halls and art galleries in Europe, America and Asia. Some composers like B. Schaeffer, S. Berg, G. Pstrokonska and K. Pyzik, have composed works specifically to be performed by Fiore for his recitals and performances. His work “Las vaquitas son ajenas”, (catalog number 30), charango and computer is the first electroacoustic work for mixed media with this formation, released commercially on CD in Europe. His work “Un romance en tiempo de candombe” represented Poland and Argentina at the First European Conference of Electroacoustic Music in Vienna, AUSTRIA, 1998. [2] Napc 0921.JPG

Founding member of “F & F Project”, ARGENTINA. Since 1989 he is member of “Muzyka Centrum” in Krakow, contributing annually to the European music calendar Krakow-Stuttgart Workshop and Festival Audio Art. Since 1998 is part with K. Pyzik (Krakow) of PERIPETIES Improvisation Duo. He created the Integrated Arts section of the Meeting of Multiple Languages (MLP Culture 2001) and sound artist in the ongoing project in Vienna Viceversa. He has been artistic director of the First Cycle of Argentinean Contemporary Music in Poland and consultant in Staggione Lirica di Taormina Festival in Italy. Jury was in electroacoustic composition biennial competition EAR-99 Magyar Radio in Budapest, HUNGARY, and the International Electroacoustic Music Forum (Rostrum) of UNESCO (Vienna, AUSTRIA, 1998). [3] [4]

HECTOR FIORE "ECLOSION" by "Muzyka Centrum" Ensemble: [5]

HECTOR FIORE "Alma Llanera" by Pedro Elías Gutierrez. "F&F Project" with OMAR FARIAS, percussion & drums. Experimental popular music version. This video was live recorded at the international “Lenguajes Múltiples” festival in La Plata, ARGENTINA: [6]

A yupanqui.jpg Astor-piazzolla.jpg

His academic output has been published and has lectured and participated in conferences and symposia at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende in Vienna at the Academy of Music and the Pedagogical Academy of Krakow, also at UNLP, UNLa, UNL, UNMdP and in various academic units of the Directorate of Higher Arts Education (Buenos Aires) in Argentina. In Europe he was Professor of Composition and Interpretation with Computer at Workshop in New Music Krakow / Stuttgart (1991 - 2006) and in the course of performing music of the twentieth century in Bestrzyca Klodzka (1998 - 2007). In Argentina he is professor at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata and the Artistic Direction of Higher Education of the Province of Buenos Aires.[7]

[[8]] http://fiore.art.pl

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