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Folk would think

Blisters take all the fun out of hiking. Hopefully, if you've gone and made the financial investment in a good pair of hiking boots, you've made sure that they are a good fit. However, even the most perfectly fitting boots can give you blisters under certain conditions; pebble in your shoe, a sock that has become bunched or perhaps boots that just aren't broken in yet. If you hike on a regular basis, at some point you are going to get a blister. And when that happens, you are going to want to have moleskin. Moleskin is an adhesive pad that can be stuck to the skin to protect a blister, keeping it from popping and allowing it time to heal. Moleskin pads come in small sheets that can be cut the necessary size. To use moleskin, cut a piece larger than the blister and cut a hole in the center. The outer ring well help cushion the blister, but the blister itself will not be covered.

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