Tadeusz Wielecki

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He was Artistic Director of the iscm World Music Days in Warsaw in 1992. He was invited as a lecturer to the Darmstadt courses, where he also premiered his piece The Whisper of Semitones for double bass and chamber ensemble, commissioned by the Courses. In February 2005 he gave lectures at the Florida State University in Tallahassee. Tadeusz Wielecki?s latest orchestral work (Shoals) ? commissioned by the Klangspuren Festival in Schwaz, Austria ? has been included in the programme of the event (September, 2005).

He has served as Director of the Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music since 1999.


Selected works (since 1984): Opened Series IV for double bass (1984), Trio for Violin, Double Bass and Piano (1985), Recitative Music for percussion, piano, violin, viola and double bass (1985), Collage-Tango for piano (1985; version for chamber orchestra ? 1995), Ductus for small string orchestra and harpsichord (1985), Chamber Poem for two violins, double bass and piano (1986), Numerous Branches of Ramified Plaits for clarinet, piano and cello (1987), Opened Series V for double bass (1988), Gestures of Soul for organ, accordion, synthesizer, guitar and percussion (1989), Metaphysical Ballad for orchestra (1990), A Thread Is Spinning... I for cello (1991), A Thread Is Spinning... II for violin (1992),

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